Product Review: Joico K-Pak Intense Hydrator


Picture the perfect mane of hair. Odds are good it doesn’t include split ends, flyaways, and a dull, lifeless appearance. But the products you use to style your hair everyday – blow driers, curling irons, and painful sessions with straightening irons – are likely to yield precisely this look. Enter Joico’s K-Pak Intense Hydrator. This hair treatment returns your hair to gorgeous and flowing with almost no effort.

What It Is

K-Pak Intense Hydrator is a deep conditioning treatment that you can use right after shampooing in place of – or as a supplement to – your normal conditioner. Leave the product on for three to five minutes, and for even better results, cover your hair with a shower cap to allow the product to deeply penetrate your hair shaft. You’ll begin seeing results on fried and extremely damaged hair with the first treatment.

How It Works

Joico has a long and storied reputation as a creator of hype-free products that work, and K-Pak Intense Hydrator is no exception. Beauty bloggers are abuzz with the great results they’ve seen, and review sites give the product stellar reviews. The product is thick, making it a good choice for people with dry, unruly hair, so users who have fine or oily hair may want to limit their use to once a week or so. It’s safe to use every day, so if your hair needs all the help it can get, K-Pak Intense Hydrator may be your new best friend.

Many users report that their hair not only became softer and healthier; it also became more manageable. The secret here is that Joico’s conditioning ingredients help seal the hair shaft, making your hair less susceptible to frizz-inducing humidity.

Pick up a bottle for 20% off during the month of April at Phagans School of Hair Design.

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Prep for Prom: Five Keys to a Fashion-Forward 2014 Prom

Preparing for prom can quickly become a full-time job, as you dash from dress stores to limousine rental businesses while simultaneously developing long and detailed itineraries. The real key to a successful prom is to do what makes you feel happy and comfortable rather than trying to live up to someone else’s expectations. For the most fashion-forward prom look, find ways to incorporate the following trends into your 2014 prom look.

During the month of April, Phagans is offering two prom specials:
- $35 CROWN Prom Package: Includes updo, express manicure, makeup with lashes.
- $22 TIARA Prom Package: Includes updo, polish change and makeup.

Graceful newlywed in luxurious wedding red dress. LuxuryLong Ballgowns

With each passing year, prom dresses get more dramatic. This year, long ballgowns are in, and the hi-low dress has finally made an appearance in formal fashions. Since prom weather can be unpredictable, a long dress will keep your legs warm and make it possible to wear tights that will keep your feet from freezing. Choose light, flowing fabrics such as chiffon rather than heavy, stuffy materials such as velvet. You’ll probably get hot as you dance the night away, and the last thing you want is your dress sticking to you.

Loose and Flowing Hair

Gone are the days when prom meant you had to spend all day getting a perfect updo. Today’s prom fashions are distinctly less stuffy. Wear your hair down and loose, and accent the look with a dramatic hair fascinator or an understated jewel-embellished comb. Beach waves are big this year, so focus on getting a slightly undone look rather than making each curl perfectly uniform.

Spring Makeup

Gone are the grays and blacks of winter makeup. Instead, this spring is all about light, bright, eye-popping colors. For the most elegant look, try a pop of green or blue eyeliner embellished with smoky blue eyes. If you’re not ready to switch from your cherished brown and black eye makeup, pay homage to the trend by lightening up your color choices just a smidge. Devotees of black eyeliner can try charcoal gray, while lovers of brown liner look ravishing in navy blue.

Dramatic Heels

If you dread dancing on unsupportive shoes, you’re in luck. This year’s prom shoes are bigger and more substantial than the strappy sandals of years past. Platform and chunky heels are the most popular options, so pick the shoe style that’s most comfortable for you. For an added fashion flair, select sequined shoes or shoes embellished with gemstones or acrylic flowers.

Statement Jewelry

The jewelry trends for prom 2014 are distinct and bold. Statement necklaces, jewel-tones, and shoulder-grazing earrings are all big. Select one statement piece around which to build your jewelry wardrobe, then opt for a few smaller pieces. Pairing a statement necklace with understated pearl earrings will leave you looking fabulous, but big earrings, big bracelets, and overpower necklaces will make you look like your jewelry is wearing you.  

The Right Colors

One of the easiest ways to update your wardrobe is to wear something classic, but in a trendy color. This season, aquamarine and emerald green are big. Prefer something a little more feminine? Pantone recently anointed radiant orchid – a rich, purply pink hue – its color of the year. For the most dramatic flair, choose a monochromatic dress in one of these trendy tones. If that’s a bit too much for you, select jewelry in the color of the moment.

Most importantly, select the trends that work for you, rather than forcing yourself into trends you loathe. Pick the one or two trends you love the most, then leave the others in the dust. True fashionistas are comfortable in their own skin, and if you wear something that’s  not you, your discomfort will be unmistakable.

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Supporting Veterans Through GI Bill Participation

Post-9-11graphicIf you or someone you know has served this country in a branch of the armed forces, you have access to a new tool that will help you estimate how much assistance you will receive to further your education and training – including going to Phagans School of Hair Design.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has a new GI Bill® Comparison Tool, where you can find and compare information on more than 10,000 approved education and training programs. Also available are each school’s graduation rate, student loan default rate and Yellow Ribbon participation. Together, the GI Bill benefit estimator and school comparison information enable you to compare education options and make the best decision for their future.

If you’re interested in learning more about Phagans, go to the Comparison Tool and enter “PHAGANS’ SCHOOL OF HAIR DESIGN (PORTLAND) (Portland, OR)” in the School / Employer Information section.

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Barbering Program Adds New Instructor

barbering-at-phagansWe’re always looking for ways to involve former students in our school. We got the chance recently with the Barbering Program at our Lloyd campus by adding 2009 graduate Mario O’Bryan Woods as an instructor. Mario owns his own shop, Renewed Barber & Beauty, at 1611 NE Killingsworth in Portland.

Mario started teaching here in November 2013 after owner Barbara Climaldi called and asked if he would be interested in the position. It was always something he wanted to do and he liked the idea of being able to help people on their journey.

“I like to have my fingerprints on their legacy,” he said. “If you are looking for a fun, energetic environment with really good training this is the place to come.”

The Lloyd Center class will be 1,350 clock hours and will take students roughly 16 months to complete. A new class starts every 12 weeks.

Start dates are: April 1, June 24, September 16 and December 9.

If you’re interested in a barbering career, be sure to contact Phagans and ask to speak to a Career Planner.


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Fresh Faces: Spring Face Trends and the “Eyes” of March

As temperatures begin to rise, beauty aficionados begin to come out of their long winter hibernation and contemplate the latest, greatest looks for spring. This season, it’s all about a fresh, clean look with a pop of color. If you want to stand out in a sea of bland looks, you can’t go wrong by focusing on your eyes.

Sloughing Off the Winter Blahs

Dry winter heat can wreak havoc on even the most resilient of complexions, and layering makeup over dead, dry skin can leave you looking more like a character in Night of the Living Dead than the fresh-faced beauty you aspire to be. Consider getting a facial before you transition from the winter doldrums to the brightness of spring. A good esthetician can get rid of dead, dry, ruddy skin and leave glowing skin that’s just begging for a makeover in its place. Phagans is offering a free brow wax if you get a facial and facial treatment in March.

Eye-purple-SpringFocus on Color

This spring, eye makeup trends are all about pops of rich, bright color. If you tend toward neutral tones during the winter months, adding some color is an easy way to transition your look in anticipation of brighter weather. Bright colors look best when you keep your lips and face fairly natural. Moreover, luscious lashes can accentuate the look, so curl your lashes and apply a couple of coats of mascara to complement your new, bright look. For an even more dramatic lash, try heating up the lash curler for five to 10 seconds with a blow drier. Then go wild with spring looks. Consider some of the following options:

  • Channel the celebrity aesthetic by rimming your eyes not in traditional black or brown, but in periwinkle, emerald, or even lilac. This look opens up your eyes, and is the perfect accessory for the sundresses of spring.
  • For even more drama, choose eyeshadow shades that either match or complement your colorful eyeliner. A wash of a single color, such as pink or blue, was all over the runways for spring.
  • Not ready to give up your black eyeliner just yet? You can still channel the goddesses of spring with a little color. Try colored mascara in navy blue, periwinkle, or purple. If that’s a bit too much for your taste, wing your eyeliner out past your eyes for a dramatic look that made a splash at every awards show this season.

The Right Brows

While light and bright are the words of the day when it comes to eye makeup, spring brows are taking a distinct turn toward the dramatic. Brows are getting darker and thicker, but with a much stronger shape than the thick, straight brows of the eighties and early nineties. For the best brow look, follow these tips:

  • Stop tweezing the tops of your brows. This is the area that defines your brows’ shape, and plucking the hairs can leave you with a skinny, unstructured brow. If you don’t have much in the way of eyebrows, consider applying a brow growth serum or consulting with a brow artist.
  • Fill in gaps in your brows with a brow powder and angled brush. Your brows should be even, but not straight, and the arch should hit just above your pupils.
  • If you have light eyebrows, consider making them darker. Even the fairest-haired supermodels are sporting darker brows this season.

You don’t have to adopt every spring makeup trend this season. Hate full brows? Focus on colorful eyes instead. Addicted to black eyeliner? Find other ways to lighten up your eye makeup look. This season is all about individual expression, so take what works for you and leave the rest in the dust.

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Product Review: Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Line

We all want lush, full hair, but the line between lush and frizz is a thin one, and excessive heat treatments and overuse of certain styling products can leave your hair looking washed out and way too puffy. Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny line aims to combat this problem of the ages with its new Super Skinny line, which you can get at Phagans retail locations for 20% off during the month of March.

SupSkinSerumWhat It Is

The Super Skinny line is a collection of products – including shampoo, conditioner, styling serum, and various balms – that promises to “displace water and constrict hair” for a faster blow dry, while leaving your hair blissfully shiny and frizz-free.

How It Works

If you’re prone to frizzy hair or sick of spending endless hours with the blow drier, you’ve probably heard false promises of perfect hair before. But Paul Mitchell aims to please, and so far, customers haven’t been let down. Reviewers across the web love these products, and the Super Skinny serum won Glamour’s 2011 award for best hair styling product.

These products won’t eliminate the blow drier entirely, but when evenly applied throughout your hair, can cut your styling time in half. Even better, you won’t have to waste time on applying additional anti-frizz products, since Paul Mitchell’s line tames frizz at the same time that it cuts down on blow drying time. For the best results, make sure you apply the products evenly through your hair, from root to tip.

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Product Review: Tigi’s Spoil Me and Hard To Get

TIGI’s Bed Head line of products are all about fun and sense of humor. You can see it in their unique packaging and you can feel it in their products. In the month of February, Phagans is offering two fun TIGI products, Spoil Me and Hard to Get, at 20% off at our retail locations.

hard-to-getHard To Get

TIGI’s Hard To Get is a styling paste designed for short- or medium-length hair. It will give your hair texture and separation and will give you the ability to mold it into a variety of styles. Add the watermelon-scented paste to dryer hair for a firm hold.  Or, for a very natural-looking result, apply a little (try a dime size amount) to wet hair, let it dry then tousle it for a messy look without looking “gelled”. The paste has a matte look and is great for men and women.


Spoil Me

How many times have you gotten out of bed, late for school or work, and wished you could do something with your hair without having to wash it? TIGI’s Spoil Me de-frizzer, smoother, and instant re-styler has got you covered. Spoil Me is perfect for spraying into your dry hair on the second or third day. It will tame fly-aways and give your hair a smooth shine with natural movement. Of course, you can add the citrus-scented product right after a wash, then blow dry for a frizzy-free style.

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Phagans Student Featured in Marie Claire, Brazil for Celebrating Body

Katana-Fatale2Phagans student Caitlin Tischer has been getting some press recently from the likes of Marie Claire, Brazil. The senior, who goes by Katana Fatale online, has 15 weeks before she graduates and is planning to become an esthetician – a skin guru. In the meantime, the actress, model, and singer has found time to create an influential fashion blog on Tumblr, a hobby she tells Marie Claire came by accident. She simply wanted to show her confidence regarding fashion and plus-size women, she told the publication.
Caitlin enjoys school and says it allows her to re-evaluate herself and be introspective about her career. For students who plan to attend beauty school, she offers this advice: “Focus on your education and find one thing you really love and are good at and become an expert in it.”

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5 Ways to Sweeten Your Makeup for Valentine’s Day

Every year at the end of January, the drab tones of winter give way to bright pinks and reds as grocery stores, gift shops, and designer clothing boutiques prepare for the most romantic night of the year. Valentine’s Day is a great time to begin moving toward Spring color trends, and this year, the makeup fashion of Spring is undeniably elegant and romantic. If you want to sweeten your look for a night out on the town this year, try one of these fashion-forward makeup trends.

Receive a complimentary make-up with any service at Phagans. All you need to do is book ahead for a service and let us know you want make-up, too. Call Lloyd at (503) 239-0838 or Clackamas at (503) 652-2668.

Pantone’s Color of the Year

Pantone, the perennial Nostradamus of the color world, specializes in color predictions. For 2014, Pantone’s color of the year is radiant orchid – a perfect blend of purple and pink, with just a touch of dimension. This shade perfectly conveys romance, so if you want to channel a budding ingenue, take Pantone’s color advice. Radiant orchid looks surprisingly good on just about everyone, and serves as an ideal accent color for the eyes. For an understated look, try a flash of orchid eyeshadow. If you want to go bolder, go all-out with orchid eyeshadow and liner and a deeper purple in the crease.

EyeshadowPastel Eyeshadow

You’re not limited to Pantone’s recommendation for radiant orchid. This season pastels of every hue, from sea foam green to periwinkle blue, are all over the runways and on the lids of virtually every celebrity. Pick your favorite color and coordinate it with your Valentine’s day frock for an eye-catching look. For even more drama, abandon the brown and black liners and line your eyes in shimmery pastel. If you want to really make your eyes pop, use white eyeliner, which extends the whites of the eyes and makes your peepers look larger.

The Return of Bright Lips

Red lips have been the siren song of romantic vixens since time immemorial. This year, the red lips of autumn take a turn toward bolder, brighter, distinctly juicy colors. Tangerine, bright orange and rich coral were all over the Spring fashion runways. If you opt for this look, keep your eyes muted and natural and let your lips do the talking.

Bold Eyes

The eyes really do have it this season. Makeup trends are slowly moving away from muted color palettes and natural looks in favor of high drama and even some artistry. For Valentine’s Day, just about anything goes when it comes to your eye makeup. For a subtle, smoky look, try lining the water line, then sweeping a dark brown or black eyeshadow under your lashes. The key here is understated, undone elegance so don’t worry about getting the line perfectly straight.

Want a more dramatic look that will get your honey to stop and stare? Cat eyes continue to be big, but with a twist: the understated winged eyeliner has slowly given way to full-scale eye drawings. The savviest fashionistas are now drawing broad, wide wings that extend out from the eyes and up to the crease. To get the look right, try a chubby eyeliner pencil and go for high drama rather than worrying about making a straight line.

Bold Brows

Brows have been getting bigger and thicker for several seasons, now, and this season they move toward full-scale drama. Trend-savvy women are no longer content with natural brows. Instead, try a thick, dramatic arch. If you’re not blessed with naturally lush brows, you can still take part in this trend. Simply use a brow brush and brow powder to accentuate what nature gave you. Darker brows create mystery and intrigue, and are a must-have this season.

As always, the best way to avoid looking like a fashion victim is to pick one trend rather than trying to combine them all on a single face. Experiment with your makeup a few days before V-Day to find what works. You may just find a new signature look.

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Video: Phagans Photo Shoot 2013

In the Spring of 2013, Phagans School of Hair Design students, alumni, and instructors joined forces with local photographer Lavenda Memory to produce a fashion photo shoot. The event, titled ETHOS, was designed to provide students with hands-on, real-world experience with styling for the camera and to give Phagans a new set of stylish photographs to feature in marketing material updates.

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