5 Easy Hairstyles Inspired From Movies

Halloween is right around the corner! We all know that person who has been planning out their costume since January, but we understand that many of you will be rushing at the last minute to pull off the perfect Halloween costume ensemble. It can be tricky to find the balance between having a show-stopping look and not wanting to spend eight hours on your costume. Most of that time ends up devoted to your hair and after all that work, it may not even look like how you envisioned it. Have no fear! Here are five inspired hairstyles that look good and are easy to do.

The Addams Family

Wednesday Addams has become an icon when it comes to Halloween. She’s the perfect mix of spooky and funny. The best part about Wednesday is that she’s one of the easiest looks to copy! Part your hair down the middle and add those two signature braids, and you’ve just become one of the most recognizable icons in Halloween culture. If you’re feeling like you want to complete the Wednesday look, add some white base for a pale look. Your dark eye makeup against your pale skin will help you embody the creepiness that is Wednesday Addams.

The Amazon Braid

The 2017 “Wonder Woman” film brought back everyone’s admiration of Diana Prince and her popularity is not going away anytime soon. Costumes of Wonder Woman have gone up after this latest movie release. With this being only the second Halloween since the latest Wonder Woman graced the big screens, people are still looking to dress up as the famous Amazonian princess. To help stand out from the others, substitute those famous beach wave curls for the braid that Diana wears at the beginning of the film. Just put your hair in a fishtail braid and you look like Wonder Woman in beautiful Themyscira.

Want to take your Wonder Woman look even further? Get your nails done! There are so many designs to choose from when Diana Prince is your inspiration. Have fun coming up with your own nail patterns!

Web Your Hair

Wonder Woman isn’t the only comic book character coming back into the spotlight. Spider-Man’s re-introduction to the Marvel Universe has led to a fresh take on Peter Parker that people can’t seem to get enough of. Like Diana Prince, you can expect to see an increase of people dressed as everyone’s favorite web-slinger. Why should you be like everyone else and hide your hair under a mask when you can incorporate Spider-Man’s famous logo into your hair? Shaving designs into your hair is gaining popularity and there no better time to try it out than at Halloween. Unlike the other hairstyles on this list, we recommend going to a salon to shave your hair so you can avoid any unforeseen complications.

The best part about the Spidey look is that you don’t need the logo to look Halloween ready. Undercut shaving is all the rage now. With the spider web design, you’ll be in the Halloween spirit in no time!

A Rey of Hope

So many attempted the famous Leia buns and failed. With Leia being the only main female character from the “Star Wars” franchise for years, parents were forced to battle their daughters’ hair in an unrelenting war to get the buns to stay in place. Once you got those buns to finally stay, chances were they wouldn’t last very long. Well, not anymore! With the introduction of Rey people were finally given a Star Wars hairstyle that could be replicated. All you need to do is add the three iconic buns and you’re suddenly from a galaxy far, far, away.

Colors of Your Hair

Are you not much of a costume person, but still want to get in on the Halloween fun? Don’t worry! There are other ways for you to channel an inspired movie look. One way is to color your hair. This is great for anyone who just doesn’t have the time or energy to get a costume together. This inspired look from Disney’s “Pocahontas” is perfect for anyone eager to add multiple colors in their hair. We love that people are turning Halloween into a fun way to try out new looks. Like the Spider-Man hairstyle, we suggest going to a hair salon to avoid any color complications. Coloring your hair is a complex process, especially with multiple colors. Make sure that your hair is being properly cared for.

Are you still looking for the right movie to base your Halloween look on? Check out our list on the hairstyles from past summer movies.
Are you still on the hunt for your Halloween look or need help turning your vision into a reality? No matter where you are in your Halloween process we at Phagans School of Hair Design can help you onto the next step. Our student salon* can help you find the cut, color, or hair design to help you find your Halloween look.
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*All services provided by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.

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Colors, Cuts, and Nails – Oh My!

At Phagans School of Hair Design we are dedicated to helping to build the next generation of beauty professionals.

This industry is full of talented, passionate creatives that pour so much of their hearts and souls into their work and into the beautiful creations they build every day. At Phagans we seek to help our students develop that drive into a beautiful career. It is that drive and dedication that we see on our salon floor, in both our passionate instructors, and in our amazing students.

This month, we want to not only feature the looks of many of our current and former students, but to motivate so many others who hear the call of beauty to follow their dreams.

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Our Favorite Summer Movies, and The Hair That Inspired Them

Summer is officially here! The temperature is rising, the beaches are filling up and everyone is getting ready to celebrate the heat with their favorite past time: watching movies!

You may not believe it, but it’s true. Americans watch an amazing amount of movies each summer, many of these inside a nice, air-conditioned movie theatre. It makes sense why, with the stories, the popcorn, and of course the movie wardrobe.

There is no better place to see some amazing hair, makeup and costuming than in the movie theatre.

Don’t believe us? Here are some of our favorite summer movies and the hair and makeup that inspires us.

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Hair How To: Perfect Beach Waves – Without the Beach!

Are you ready for summer? Is your hair?

No matter how close to a beach you find yourself, or how far away, you can still show your beach babe side with some perfectly crimpy beach waves. Best of all? You don’t have to live near a beach to accomplish this look!

Dry hair. Wet hair. Hair that gets everywhere – we have the tips you need to bring the beach to you!

First, let’s cover the basics…

What is Sea Salt Spray?

This handy dandy little product is pretty much a must-have for creating the perfect beach wave look, and it makes sense. Sea spray is filled with salt after all. But what is it, and why does it work so well? Continue reading

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5 Hair Trends and Styles to Help Your Hair Shine This Summer!

Are you ready for summer?

As the weather gets warmer you may be feeling the itch to update your look. Shorter hair, brighter color. Summer is the time for fresh, fun, and beautiful!

If a cut or color is on the horizon, we can help you build that perfect look. If you aren’t quite sure what you want, we have some great ideas to help fuel your inspiration. Continue reading

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Phagans Loves Lashes! See What Our Students Are Mastering!

It’s been a great month at Phagans School of Hair Design!

With every class that begins their training with us, we strive to help create opportunities for our students to grow and expand. Personal growth is a huge part of our culture, as well as mastering the skills for your program.

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How to Grow Facial Hair Faster

You can help your facial hair grow faster with a combination of lifestyle, diet, and skin care changes. Facial hair has been trending for a while and shows no signs of slowing down. Growing a beard can be a commitment and many of our barbering clients* that desire a bigger, more burly beard often ask us for tips on how to grow their facial hair faster.

When growing out your beard, time can be all it takes, but if you are looking for ways to stimulate growth you can give your beard a boost with simple tips for faster facial hair growth. Find out how facial hair grows and get the tips you can combine together to get the growth you want.

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Just like preparing for any other life-changing decision, you need to get some things together to start your journey at beauty school. Use our beauty school starter kit to put together your tools!

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5 Ways to Get Glowy Skin for Spring 2018

If you know anything about current skin care trends, you know that glowing skin is good. A radiant complexion not only looks beautiful, it serves as a direct reflection of your health. Unlike a pixie cut or a bright orange lip, fresh, glowing skin looks great on everyone. To get that glowing goddess look, keep these five tips in mind.

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How to Get a Cosmetology License in Oregon

You’ve just completed the enrollment process for cosmetology school. You are probably pumped to begin your training, right? We feel you. We love our programs here at Phagans School of Hair Design, and we are so excited that you are either considering signing up to begin your training with us, or have already done so and are looking forward to classes. Because we are always trying to look ahead and prepare our students for the future, we wanted to help you succeed by laying out the process for getting your cosmetology license in the state of Oregon. If you follow these steps, we are confident that you can become a licensed beauty professional in Oregon.

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