Summer Skin Tips for Sun-Starved Northwesterners

sunscreenThe month of July in Portland is proving to be a sunny and hot one. Since few of us see the sun for 9 months out of the year it’s tempting to try to soak it up as much as possible during the short time it’s out. But be careful, as too much sun exposure can at the least dry out your skin or at the worst put you at a risk for skin damage that may lead to skin cancer years later. So here are a few tips to make sure your skin stays soft, supple, and undamaged while you’re living it up poolside:

Use Sunscreen: Use plenty of sunscreen while you’re soaking up rays. Look for ones that are labelled “broad spectrum” - effective against both UVB (skin-burning) and UVA (skin-aging) rays - and are SPF rated 30 or above. Also look for water-resistant varieties. Apply regularly. Finally, the FDA is recommending that you not use spray sunscreens on children, at least until the administration can determine whether it’s harmful.

Exfoliate: A good facial can remove dead skin cells and keep your face looking healthy. Consider Phagans Microdermabrasion Facial ($30) as an easy way to rejuvenate dry skin and open up pores. Then find a good over-the-counter salt or sugar scrub for you body. Finally, a good pedicure ($18 at Phagans) will keep those feet looking fine for sandal weather.

Moisturize: You need to drink more water during the summer and so does your skin. Mousturizers will soften and tone your skin. Choose water-based ones over oil-based and ask your Phagans Aesthetician  for recommendations for your skin type.

Eat Right: Yep, a good diet can be another great way to keep your skin and your body healthy during the summer. Cooked tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and lycopene, an antioxidant that fights the effects of UV rays. Berries, grapes, and beets contain antioxidants, too.  If you’re interested in food for skin care, check out these 30 skin-healthy foods.

During the month of July, save $5 on facials at both Phagans School of Hair Design locations. Call our Portland location at (503) 239-0838 or Clackamas at (503) 652-2668 to schedule your appointment today.

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Thinking of a Career in Beauty Education?

TeachingPhagans Schools of Hair Design are looking for students who are interested in the Cadet teacher-training program. This 1,000-hour program is a great opportunity for those who have a passion for teaching and are dedicated to the continual improvement of education in cosmetology careers. Former students are encouraged to apply.

Financial aid is available for this program as well as other options including scholarships. The teacher training program is academic, inspiring, and experimental. You will be working closely with a specific mentor as well as with a variety of staff and, of course, students.

For more information, please contact: Barbara Climaldi, Owner, at or Mr. Jerry at the NE campus at Be prepared to work, grow as an educator, and have fun!

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Dare to go Bare: Benefits of Waxing

Finally! The days are growing longer and longer, the sun is shining, and temperatures are creeping up above 70. All across Portland and Vancouver, Northwesterners are digging out our shorts from the dresser and dragging sundresses from the back of the closet. These light and airy looks are great for summertime, but for many people hairy legs could be ruining your warm-weather look.

Leg-Wax2What to do about your hairy stems? There are lots of options if you choose not to go au natural. Shaving, depilatories, and laser treatments will all remove hair effectively, but waxing offers the longest-lasting, most affordable treatment around. Here are a few reasons why we think waxing is the way to go:

Safe: Think about the last time you shaved your legs. Chances are you were hunched over in a cramped shower with water pounding your back and shampoo or conditioner running into your eyes. This common scenario is not the safest place to be wielding a sharp object. Naturally in this position, chances are high of cutting your skin when the razor slips. Over time, these nicks and cuts can leave unsightly scars. Chances of damaging the skin in this way when waxing are next to none.

Natural: Unlike depilatory creams that use harsh chemicals to eat away the hair from your body, waxing uses natural elements to remove the hair at the root.

Affordable: Whether you do them at home or have them done professionally in a salon, waxing sessions are an affordable way to remove hair for weeks at a time. Compared to laser hair removal sessions at thousands of dollars per leg for hair removal, monthly waxing, even in a high-end salon, is a bargain.

Efficient: Plain and simple, waxing your legs can save you time. While the procedure can take an hour or more to complete, you won’t have to repeat for weeks, saving your precious time each morning in the shower that you would have spent shaving. Legs stay smooth for up to three weeks after waxing.

Waxing isn’t for everyone, though. If you have certain skin conditions, extremely sensitive skin, or take acne medication, waxing your legs is not recommended. And if you can’t hold off on shaving long enough to let your hair grow out to a minimum of ¼ inch, the wax won’t be able to secure the hair and remove it from the follicle.

Bottom line is that you can get better, longer-lasting results with waxing than shaving and that should be enough to help you dare to go bare this summer.

During the month of June, save $5 on a full leg was at both Phagans salon locations. Call our Portland location at (503) 239-0838 or Clackamas at (503) 652-2668 to schedule your appointment today. 

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Mother’s Day Mommy Makeover Tips

Sylish-MomEvery mother deserves a little pampering, but a busy life of work, family, and endless obligations can make it tough to keep up with complicated new looks. The best makeovers are low-effort, making it easy for mom to keep the look long after the excitement of Mother’s Day dies down. For a nearly effortless makeover that won’t leave mom looking goofy, try one – or all! — of these five options.

Treat your mother to the gift of beauty this mother’s day. Buy a gift certificate for $50 and receive $75 worth of services at Phagans School of Hair Design.

Subtle Makeup Changes

Massive makeovers will probably last no more than a few hours with busy moms. So don’t focus on giving mom an entirely new look. Instead, a few updates are all that’s in order. Ensure mom has a high-quality foundation that matches her skin, and get her a good blush for glowing skin year-round. This season, green and blue eye makeup in every conceivable shade are big, so encourage mom to decorate her gorgeous peepers with blue eyeliner, periwinkle eye shadow, and a rich navy blue in the crease.

Glowing Skin With a Facial

Mom doesn’t have to cover herself in foundation to leave her skin looking lovely. Instead, try treating your mom to a salon facial for perfect skin that requires no makeup. If a day at the salon is too time-consuming or too expensive, try a home facial. A microdermabrasion kit, such as Philosophy’s Microdelivery Peel, takes only a few minutes but will leave mom with the glow she had long before kids came into her life.

Nails to Die For

What woman doesn’t want gorgeous nails? Of course, changing diapers, washing dishes, and banging away on the keyboard can destroy even the loveliest of manicures. For a longer lasting look, it’s time to upgrade to gel polish, which can last two weeks or longer. Some women find that gel polish dries out their nails, and for these women there’s a second option. SNS is a powder polish that your local salon can apply, and this lacquer delivers calcium and vitamin E directly to the nails – no nail damage necessary.

A New Coiffure

The days of the shapeless, lifeless mommy cut are long gone. Instead, try treating mom to a salon cut with a deep conditioning treatment that will leave her locks gorgeous and shiny. An updated color – featuring highlights, low lights, or even a subtle ombre look – can breathe life into the dullest of locks, and doesn’t require any special maintenance other than a color-friendly shampoo.

No matter your mom’s style, take some time this Mother’s Day to pamper her and remind her she’s beautiful. Even the busiest of moms needs a break, and a little pampering never hurt anyone.

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Product Review: Hempz Self-Tanning Collection

No matter how many alarm bells dermatologists raise about tanning beds, the temptation to gain a glorious sun-drenched glow can be overwhelming, particularly if your perfectly grey Spring is interrupted with a few unseasonably sunny and hot days. If you’re on the pasty end of the complexion spectrum, Hempz, a purveyor of natural tanning products, comes to your rescue just in time with summer, with an entire line of products that will get you a tan without the risk.

During May, be sure to go to one of Phagans School of Hair Design’s Portland location for offering 20% off all Hempz products.

Introducing the Hempz Line

hempz-lotionHempz promises to leave you with a sunless glow, while nourishing your skin and posing no risk of skin cancer. The company offers products for every tanning level you could possibly want – from a subtle bit of color to a rich, glowing bronze. Its product line includes:

  • SoBronze body bronzer, which offers a darker, longer-lasting glow that won’t flake off or look chalky.
  • Instant Body Bronzing Mist, which offers a subtle glow in an easily applied spray formulation.
  • Tinted self-tanning moisturizers that leave a subtle glow that builds over several days. The version for your face is available in an oil-free formulation so that you’re never left with clogged pores.

Hempz also offers a pre-tanning polish designed to moisturize and condition your skin for maximum results, no flaking, and a glow that lasts up to a week.

Do the Products Work?

All of Hempz’s products contain pure, 100% natural hemp seed oil, which means the company’s products will never harm your skin. Hemp seed is known for its moisturizing and protecting benefits, so Hempz’s sunless tanners can even help reduce the aging effects of previous sun exposure. Moreover, the hemp seed will prevent your skin from flaking and help prevent dry patches – both of which can cause your tan to wear off more quickly.

The products work, and work quickly. You can expect to see a glow begin to develop within a few hours of your first application, and your tan will steadily build for the first hour. If you take good care of your skin – moisturizing every day and exfoliating before you apply sunless tanner – your glow can last as long as two weeks, and will last at least one week.

If you want a glow that looks like you just came back from Mexico – or at least stepped out of a tanning  bed – go for the SoBronze line. If you’re hoping for something a bit more subtle, aim for one of the tinted moisturizers, and build up a little more color each day. No matter which product you choose, though, you can’t go wrong with Hempz, and your skin will thank you for your choice of natural and healthy ingredients.

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Product Review: Joico K-Pak Intense Hydrator


Picture the perfect mane of hair. Odds are good it doesn’t include split ends, flyaways, and a dull, lifeless appearance. But the products you use to style your hair everyday – blow driers, curling irons, and painful sessions with straightening irons – are likely to yield precisely this look. Enter Joico’s K-Pak Intense Hydrator. This hair treatment returns your hair to gorgeous and flowing with almost no effort.

What It Is

K-Pak Intense Hydrator is a deep conditioning treatment that you can use right after shampooing in place of – or as a supplement to – your normal conditioner. Leave the product on for three to five minutes, and for even better results, cover your hair with a shower cap to allow the product to deeply penetrate your hair shaft. You’ll begin seeing results on fried and extremely damaged hair with the first treatment.

How It Works

Joico has a long and storied reputation as a creator of hype-free products that work, and K-Pak Intense Hydrator is no exception. Beauty bloggers are abuzz with the great results they’ve seen, and review sites give the product stellar reviews. The product is thick, making it a good choice for people with dry, unruly hair, so users who have fine or oily hair may want to limit their use to once a week or so. It’s safe to use every day, so if your hair needs all the help it can get, K-Pak Intense Hydrator may be your new best friend.

Many users report that their hair not only became softer and healthier; it also became more manageable. The secret here is that Joico’s conditioning ingredients help seal the hair shaft, making your hair less susceptible to frizz-inducing humidity.

Pick up a bottle for 20% off during the month of April at Phagans School of Hair Design.

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Prep for Prom: Five Keys to a Fashion-Forward 2014 Prom

Preparing for prom can quickly become a full-time job, as you dash from dress stores to limousine rental businesses while simultaneously developing long and detailed itineraries. The real key to a successful prom is to do what makes you feel happy and comfortable rather than trying to live up to someone else’s expectations. For the most fashion-forward prom look, find ways to incorporate the following trends into your 2014 prom look.

During the month of April, Phagans is offering two prom specials:
- $35 CROWN Prom Package: Includes updo, express manicure, makeup with lashes.
- $22 TIARA Prom Package: Includes updo, polish change and makeup.

Graceful newlywed in luxurious wedding red dress. LuxuryLong Ballgowns

With each passing year, prom dresses get more dramatic. This year, long ballgowns are in, and the hi-low dress has finally made an appearance in formal fashions. Since prom weather can be unpredictable, a long dress will keep your legs warm and make it possible to wear tights that will keep your feet from freezing. Choose light, flowing fabrics such as chiffon rather than heavy, stuffy materials such as velvet. You’ll probably get hot as you dance the night away, and the last thing you want is your dress sticking to you.

Loose and Flowing Hair

Gone are the days when prom meant you had to spend all day getting a perfect updo. Today’s prom fashions are distinctly less stuffy. Wear your hair down and loose, and accent the look with a dramatic hair fascinator or an understated jewel-embellished comb. Beach waves are big this year, so focus on getting a slightly undone look rather than making each curl perfectly uniform.

Spring Makeup

Gone are the grays and blacks of winter makeup. Instead, this spring is all about light, bright, eye-popping colors. For the most elegant look, try a pop of green or blue eyeliner embellished with smoky blue eyes. If you’re not ready to switch from your cherished brown and black eye makeup, pay homage to the trend by lightening up your color choices just a smidge. Devotees of black eyeliner can try charcoal gray, while lovers of brown liner look ravishing in navy blue.

Dramatic Heels

If you dread dancing on unsupportive shoes, you’re in luck. This year’s prom shoes are bigger and more substantial than the strappy sandals of years past. Platform and chunky heels are the most popular options, so pick the shoe style that’s most comfortable for you. For an added fashion flair, select sequined shoes or shoes embellished with gemstones or acrylic flowers.

Statement Jewelry

The jewelry trends for prom 2014 are distinct and bold. Statement necklaces, jewel-tones, and shoulder-grazing earrings are all big. Select one statement piece around which to build your jewelry wardrobe, then opt for a few smaller pieces. Pairing a statement necklace with understated pearl earrings will leave you looking fabulous, but big earrings, big bracelets, and overpower necklaces will make you look like your jewelry is wearing you.  

The Right Colors

One of the easiest ways to update your wardrobe is to wear something classic, but in a trendy color. This season, aquamarine and emerald green are big. Prefer something a little more feminine? Pantone recently anointed radiant orchid – a rich, purply pink hue – its color of the year. For the most dramatic flair, choose a monochromatic dress in one of these trendy tones. If that’s a bit too much for you, select jewelry in the color of the moment.

Most importantly, select the trends that work for you, rather than forcing yourself into trends you loathe. Pick the one or two trends you love the most, then leave the others in the dust. True fashionistas are comfortable in their own skin, and if you wear something that’s  not you, your discomfort will be unmistakable.

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Supporting Veterans Through GI Bill Participation

Post-9-11graphicIf you or someone you know has served this country in a branch of the armed forces, you have access to a new tool that will help you estimate how much assistance you will receive to further your education and training – including going to Phagans School of Hair Design.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has a new GI Bill® Comparison Tool, where you can find and compare information on more than 10,000 approved education and training programs. Also available are each school’s graduation rate, student loan default rate and Yellow Ribbon participation. Together, the GI Bill benefit estimator and school comparison information enable you to compare education options and make the best decision for their future.

If you’re interested in learning more about Phagans, go to the Comparison Tool and enter “PHAGANS’ SCHOOL OF HAIR DESIGN (PORTLAND) (Portland, OR)” in the School / Employer Information section.

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Barbering Program Adds New Instructor

barbering-at-phagansWe’re always looking for ways to involve former students in our school. We got the chance recently with the Barbering Program at our Lloyd campus by adding 2009 graduate Mario O’Bryan Woods as an instructor. Mario owns his own shop, Renewed Barber & Beauty, at 1611 NE Killingsworth in Portland.

Mario started teaching here in November 2013 after owner Barbara Climaldi called and asked if he would be interested in the position. It was always something he wanted to do and he liked the idea of being able to help people on their journey.

“I like to have my fingerprints on their legacy,” he said. “If you are looking for a fun, energetic environment with really good training this is the place to come.”

The Lloyd Center class will be 1,350 clock hours and will take students roughly 16 months to complete. A new class starts every 12 weeks.

Start dates are: April 1, June 24, September 16 and December 9.

If you’re interested in a barbering career, be sure to contact Phagans and ask to speak to a Career Planner.


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Fresh Faces: Spring Face Trends and the “Eyes” of March

As temperatures begin to rise, beauty aficionados begin to come out of their long winter hibernation and contemplate the latest, greatest looks for spring. This season, it’s all about a fresh, clean look with a pop of color. If you want to stand out in a sea of bland looks, you can’t go wrong by focusing on your eyes.

Sloughing Off the Winter Blahs

Dry winter heat can wreak havoc on even the most resilient of complexions, and layering makeup over dead, dry skin can leave you looking more like a character in Night of the Living Dead than the fresh-faced beauty you aspire to be. Consider getting a facial before you transition from the winter doldrums to the brightness of spring. A good esthetician can get rid of dead, dry, ruddy skin and leave glowing skin that’s just begging for a makeover in its place. Phagans is offering a free brow wax if you get a facial and facial treatment in March.

Eye-purple-SpringFocus on Color

This spring, eye makeup trends are all about pops of rich, bright color. If you tend toward neutral tones during the winter months, adding some color is an easy way to transition your look in anticipation of brighter weather. Bright colors look best when you keep your lips and face fairly natural. Moreover, luscious lashes can accentuate the look, so curl your lashes and apply a couple of coats of mascara to complement your new, bright look. For an even more dramatic lash, try heating up the lash curler for five to 10 seconds with a blow drier. Then go wild with spring looks. Consider some of the following options:

  • Channel the celebrity aesthetic by rimming your eyes not in traditional black or brown, but in periwinkle, emerald, or even lilac. This look opens up your eyes, and is the perfect accessory for the sundresses of spring.
  • For even more drama, choose eyeshadow shades that either match or complement your colorful eyeliner. A wash of a single color, such as pink or blue, was all over the runways for spring.
  • Not ready to give up your black eyeliner just yet? You can still channel the goddesses of spring with a little color. Try colored mascara in navy blue, periwinkle, or purple. If that’s a bit too much for your taste, wing your eyeliner out past your eyes for a dramatic look that made a splash at every awards show this season.

The Right Brows

While light and bright are the words of the day when it comes to eye makeup, spring brows are taking a distinct turn toward the dramatic. Brows are getting darker and thicker, but with a much stronger shape than the thick, straight brows of the eighties and early nineties. For the best brow look, follow these tips:

  • Stop tweezing the tops of your brows. This is the area that defines your brows’ shape, and plucking the hairs can leave you with a skinny, unstructured brow. If you don’t have much in the way of eyebrows, consider applying a brow growth serum or consulting with a brow artist.
  • Fill in gaps in your brows with a brow powder and angled brush. Your brows should be even, but not straight, and the arch should hit just above your pupils.
  • If you have light eyebrows, consider making them darker. Even the fairest-haired supermodels are sporting darker brows this season.

You don’t have to adopt every spring makeup trend this season. Hate full brows? Focus on colorful eyes instead. Addicted to black eyeliner? Find other ways to lighten up your eye makeup look. This season is all about individual expression, so take what works for you and leave the rest in the dust.

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