Save the Dates: Phagans Plans Student and Customer Appreciation Days

Thank-YouDuring early November, Phagans School of Hair Design is planning to celebrate our students and customers with two special days of discounts, blowouts on product, prizes, and some special events. So be sure to mark your calendars:

Tuesday, November 11: Student Appreciation Day

Wednesday, November 12: Customer Appreciation Day

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Neon Takes the Spotlight for Fall Fashion Hair Color in 2014

As the leaves begin to fall and crisp nights turn distinctly chilly and rainy, it’s easy to resign yourself to hibernation. Fall is the perfect time to try a new hair color, though, particularly since the sun is less likely to bleach your hair and undermine your fabulous new hue. Don’t give up on looking amazing just because it’s getting dreary! Check out these must-have autumn trends and shake up your everyday look!

Neon-2Go Neon (Yes, Neon!)

Neon hair was all the rage on Fall runways, and celebrities such as Katy Perry and Nicole Richie eagerly jumping on the bandwagon. Neon pink, blue, and green are must-haves for the truly daring. For a slightly more subdued look, some hair trend-setters are trying Easter egg hues instead.

How to master the look? This is definitely one you’re going to want help with. Most hues require bleaching your hair first; otherwise the color will quickly fade. If you need to keep your look understated, capitalize on the trend by adding a few neon chunks, or even coloring the underside of your hair for a pop of color when you wear it up. For the most dramatic look, though, try coloring your entire mane.

Still not sure about the look? Temporary chalk dyes let you test it out at home without the commitment. Try adding a few streaks for the weekend.

Add Some Dimension

Sick of boring lowlights and highlights? Over the ombre hair trend? Try dimensional color. This approach to hair color blends numerous colors into your mane, adding layers of dimension and ensuring your hair looks different depending on the lighting and angle. The roots are usually a bit darker, with lighter pieces at the ends and underneath. This style requires masterful color skills, so consult your Phagans colorist; don’t try it at home!

Choose the Right Red

Red never goes out of style, but this season, celebrities are going for a dramatic rose gold hue. With undertones of pink and gold, this shade of red is flattering on virtually every skin tone, and serves as a perfect complement to the rust-colored leaves of fall. To make your hair look fuller, try asking your colorist to add a few highlights and lowlights. Already got a mane full of thick hair? Go for monochromatic red for a sexy and dramatic look.

One-Dimensional Color

For decades, women have spent endless hours adding highlights and lowlights in an effort to leave their color looking natural. This season, though, the biggest names in fashion are giving up that fight and going monochromatic. To capitalize on this trend, try a rich platinum blond, a single-toned chocolate brown, or even auburn. This look is ideal for the fashionista on a budget, since it’s easy to get your hair to be all one color with a simple home dye job.

The change of seasons is all about experimentation. Spend a little time on your hair now, and as nights get darker and the weather turns dreary, you’ll have a ready-made source of joy atop your head.

During the month of October visit Phagans and get 25% off fashion hair colors.

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High School Guidance Counselors Invited to Luncheons

Phagans is inviting all Portland-area high school guidance counselors to complimentary luncheons at either the Lloyd District or Clackamas Town Center locations. Attendees will receive a light lunch, door prizes and gifts along with a short presentation about our schools. Please RSVP to attend. Here are the details for each location:

Clackamas Town Center: Wednesday, November 5, 2014, from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m., call (503) 652-2668 to RSVP.

Lloyd District: Thursday, November 6, 2014, from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Call (503) 239-0838 to RSVP

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Product Review: JOICO Color Endure Shampoo

ce-shampoo1Every year, women spend thousands of dollars in their quest for the perfect hair color. All too often, though, these same women are chagrined to watch their color – and their money – go down the drain. Artificial color doesn’t mean your gorgeous hue has to fade with each wash and Joico’s Color Endure shampoo endeavors to prove it.

What Is It
Joico’s Color Endure shampoo is part of the color-friendly Color Endure line, which includes two shampoo and two conditioner varieties. The Care shampoo is designed to protect your color, while the Violet shampoo aims to prevent blond hues from turning brassy. Both varieties of the line contain Joico’s trademarked Multi-Spectrum Defense Complex, which combines green tea, antioxidants, and UV protectants designed to prevent your hair from fading.

For those concerned about the effects of sulfates, Joico is a breath of fresh air. The entire line is sulfate-free.

How It Works
Devotees of luscious locks are used to hearing inflated claims about life-changing hair products. Joico has never been much for dramatic ads or hyperbolic ad copy, though. Instead, the Color Endure brand has allowed users to do the talking. And talk they do. The entire web is aflutter with users raving about the product’s effectiveness. The violet line is particularly popular among once-brassy blonds.

Joico brags that, even after 18 washes, color remains intact with Color Endure. What about redheads, whose hue is notoriously tough to maintain? Joico explains that redheads can expect their hue to remain 88 percent unfaded. Manes of all colors and styles can expect their color to last 33 percent longer than it would with any other product on the market. These promises are nothing to sneer at, but Joico, as always, delivers.

For best results, use Color Endure shampoo with Color Endure conditioner.

Pick up a bottle for 25% off during the month of October at Phagans School of Hair Design.

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Student Spotlight: Sharde-Marie Clark


Sharde-Marie Clark

Why did you enroll in beauty school?

At 19 I watched “Chicago” the musical for the first time on stage, and decided that was what I wanted to do, work on Broadway. The idea of my work being shown on stage for the world to see was my ideal choice of career. I’m a “jack of all trades”, have my degree in English and journalism, as I thought at one point I wanted to be a history teacher! I have done hair and makeup for drag queens and community outreach programs like Nightscare Productions where we raise money and have food drives for the local community.

Why did you choose Phagans?

It was the nicest school and they actually answered my inquiry! I moved here from Spokane to go to school and I love it. I love everything, the students, teachers and the clients, especially my return clients.

In which community event you will be involved with next?

My next community outreach adventure is for the Victory Outreach Church of Portland. I will be donating my time and knowledge to help the youth of the church with hair cuts and after-school tutoring. If I can help someone with a snip of my shears that’s cool! I was one of those kids and that’s why I am so passionate about helping.

What are you planning to do once you graduate?

I graduate in 2015 and plan to be ahead of the game and be established with a theatre company, helping my community in anyway I can. Making actors shine on stage and screen is my dream and goal.

Thanks Sharde, it was a pleasure talking with you, and we wish you every success for the future.

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Product Spotlight: Catwalk by TIGI Your Highness Shampoo

yourhighness-shampooSince Phagans is not owned by a particular product brand we can experiment with a variety of different styling products and find the ones appropriate for our stylists and their customers. One of our salon favorites is the Catwalk by TIGI brand, and specifically Your Highness Shampoo.

Catwalk designed this shampoo to be color safe while enhancing body and preventing static and flyways. Its scent comes from sweet almond oil and it creates a lot of thick lather. It’s especially good if you have fine, thin hair as it will provide volume and prevent dryness. Blow it out as is or pair it with Your Highness Conditioner for even more volume.

TIGI describes Catwalk as a professional hair care brand designed by hairdressers for hairdressers. With Products such as Your Highness we’re starting to think TIGI is vying to become the ruler of easy-to-find, high-end salon products.

Pick up a bottle for 25% off during the month of September at Phagans School of Hair Design.

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Hot Colors for Fall 2014, PDX style

When we think of fall in the Pacific Northwest we don’t really think about color. Maybe that’s because every color goes with our gray skies. And who would notice anyway as most people have their heads buried in a phone or a cup of coffee. But at Phagans we want you to step outside your hoodie comfort zone and think about what the Fall world would be like with a little more zing.

According to the color gurus as Pantone, the fall colors will not be typical of the season, highlighted by deep reds, purples, and blues, with just a touch of yellow. In New York, these color choices can be seen on runways in a variety of styles. We’ve picked out a few that are appropriate for our lifestyles:


Hey, we see it all in Portland so we could say you can’t go wrong with just about any color on your locks. But if you’re eager to stay on trend, then reds, honey golds and platinums are the way to go. You can also try a sobre’, which is a technique similar to ombre but not as drastic. It’s especially effective on brunettes, where golden or honey highlights placed around the face will highlight and flatter your features and give your hair a lot more depth. And it will give you that summer-giving-way-to-winter look.


Take a look at the Pantone colors above and pick one for a colorful eye shadow. Coordinate with lips that are deep red or dark blackberry and nails that are cocoa, aluminum, or bordeaux. Consult with an aspiring makeup artist at Phagans to zero in on what will work for you.


Plaids are coming back with a verve and you don’t have to look like a old golfer to pull it off (If it’s not Scottish it’s crap!). Consider a adding plaid coat or sweater to your look and feel free to go colorful – or stick with predictable red and black or grey and black. Head-to-toe knit sweaters also are all the rage on the runways and you can cover them with a stylish coat – robe coats are in right now – while you’re outside so you don’t have to wring them out.

This fall think of color instead of drab and come into Phagans. During the month of September, all colors and weaves are $5 off at both Phagans locations.

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Back-to-School Styles You Need for 2014

For some, back-to-school marks a return to cherished friendships and a place at the top of the school pecking order. For others, returning to school is a miserable departure from the freedom and leisure of summer. No matter how you feel about going back to school, though, one thing rings true: like it or not, fashion matters at school. If you wear clothes that make you feel good about yourself, you’ll be more comfortable in your own skin and – with a little luck – you might just gain a reputation as the go-to person for style advice.

Back-to-School Makeup

When you’re rushing out the door first thing in the morning, you don’t have time for endless makeup. To maximize your beauty and your sleep, check out these super-easy tips:

  • Replace your foundation with CC or BB cream, which allows for more mistakes and therefore requires less time.
  • Throw on one of fall’s trendy eyeshadow shades – burnt sienna, dark blue, or rich pink – for instant drama.
  • Highlight your pout with an orange-hued red lipstick. For a more muted look, select a gloss. Red puckers are in for fall.

Top-KnotSchool-Ready Hair

Sure, you want your hair to look awesome at school, but you also want to have time to enjoy your life. Never fear! You really can have both, with these super easy looks:

  • Try a smoothing treatment. Available at Phagans School of Hair Design retail locations, these treatments leave your hair straight and frizz-free for up to seven days – even when you wash it!
  • For ethereal, boho-inspired glamor, braid small sections of your hair.
  • Smooth, sleek topknots are back for Fall, and great for wetter climates such as ours. Slick your hair back, using gel or mousse to hold it in place, then fasten it to the crown of your head in a large bun.
  • Ready for all-out sexiness? Get surfer-inspired waves by spritzing your hair with a texturizing spray, then scrunching it together. Use a curling iron on one-inch sections of hair, leaving the ends loose for a lovely but undone look.

Transitional Pieces

Back-to-school isn’t just the beginning of another year of endless homework and jockeying to raise your social standing. It’s also the beginning of the transition to Fall, and what’s comfortable during a rainy morning might leave you miserable when the sun comes out and the temperatures soar. Stock up on these can’t-miss pieces and you’ll be comfortable no matter what the weather does:

  • Dresses with ¾ sleeves in Fall’s trendiest colors – rich blue, rusty orange, and animal prints.
  • A classic trench coat. This season’s coats are longer and looser-fitting, making them gorgeous on virtually every body type.
  • A bevy of patterned and brightly colored tights will keep your legs warm. And if it gets too hot, just slip into the bathroom and take them off.
  • A jean jacket. Dark denim is always in, but for a truly fashion-forward look, try colored denim or white.

Must-Have Trends

After three months spent in bathing suits and sun dresses, you might have forgotten what it feels like to pick out an outfit everyday – and you might be clueless about what everyone will be wearing when you walk into the classroom. If you want to stay on-trend as summer ends, invest in a few key pieces:

  • Printed, boxy tops. Bonus points for crop tops, which look positively demure when paired with a high-waisted skirt.
  • Statement jewelry. Statement necklaces embellished with jewels are big, but the trend has expanded to include charm necklaces and chokers with big focal points.
  • Leopard and cheetah print everything. Animal prints – even clashing ones! – were all over the runways this year.
  • Body-skimming dresses. Ditch the form-fitting pieces for something lighter and flowier that glides over, rather than clinging to, your curves.
  • All-over lace. Lace is on everything this season. From dresses to sweaters and even shoes, showcase your feminine side by adding some lace wherever you can.

The Best School Supplies

You might not be thrilled about cracking the books, but you can still look cute while doing it. Make studying fun by trading out your boring school supplies for these awesome options:

  • Ditch the backpack and replace it with a cool, sleek satchel in a bright color.
  • Ditch your lined notebooks and try a plain Moleskine book instead. Then decorate it with stickers, photos, or paints.
  • Make your locker into a site of interest and intrigue by investing in brightly colored hooks, oddly shaped mirrors, and a bright and cheery dry erase board.
  • Stay organized with cute pouches. Don’t just stick to the classic pencil case. Get a pouch for everything so you can find your stuff in no time at all – and look cute doing it.

You might not be thrilled to go back to school, but you will be thrilled with your look if you invest a little time before you take the plunge. There’s no replacement for confidence and a smile, though, so don’t be afraid to pat yourself on the back and throw on a smile. You’ve got this.

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Phagans Students Add Style to Street of Dreams


Students from Phagans School of Hair Design will be styling the runway show models at the Style at the Street event the evening of Tuesday, August 12. The event is part of the 2014 NW Natural Street of Dreams. It will feature gourmet treats, wine, and a DJ. The fashion show will feature looks from a variety of Clackamas Town Center retailers.

All proceeds will benefit the Home Builders Foundation, which will be renovating the domestic violence shelter for Clackamas Women’s Services. For more information and tickets, go to the Street of Dreams website.

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Summer Skin Tips for Sun-Starved Northwesterners

sunscreenThe month of July in Portland is proving to be a sunny and hot one. Since few of us see the sun for 9 months out of the year it’s tempting to try to soak it up as much as possible during the short time it’s out. But be careful, as too much sun exposure can at the least dry out your skin or at the worst put you at a risk for skin damage that may lead to skin cancer years later. So here are a few tips to make sure your skin stays soft, supple, and undamaged while you’re living it up poolside:

Use Sunscreen: Use plenty of sunscreen while you’re soaking up rays. Look for ones that are labelled “broad spectrum” – effective against both UVB (skin-burning) and UVA (skin-aging) rays – and are SPF rated 30 or above. Also look for water-resistant varieties. Apply regularly. Finally, the FDA is recommending that you not use spray sunscreens on children, at least until the administration can determine whether it’s harmful.

Exfoliate: A good facial can remove dead skin cells and keep your face looking healthy. Consider Phagans Microdermabrasion Facial ($30) as an easy way to rejuvenate dry skin and open up pores. Then find a good over-the-counter salt or sugar scrub for you body. Finally, a good pedicure ($18 at Phagans) will keep those feet looking fine for sandal weather.

Moisturize: You need to drink more water during the summer and so does your skin. Mousturizers will soften and tone your skin. Choose water-based ones over oil-based and ask your Phagans Aesthetician  for recommendations for your skin type.

Eat Right: Yep, a good diet can be another great way to keep your skin and your body healthy during the summer. Cooked tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and lycopene, an antioxidant that fights the effects of UV rays. Berries, grapes, and beets contain antioxidants, too.  If you’re interested in food for skin care, check out these 30 skin-healthy foods.

During the month of July, save $5 on facials at both Phagans School of Hair Design locations. Call our Portland location at (503) 239-0838 or Clackamas at (503) 652-2668 to schedule your appointment today.

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