Product Review: Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Line

We all want lush, full hair, but the line between lush and frizz is a thin one, and excessive heat treatments and overuse of certain styling products can leave your hair looking washed out and way too puffy. Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny line aims to combat this problem of the ages with its new Super Skinny line, which you can get at Phagans retail locations for 20% off during the month of March.

SupSkinSerumWhat It Is

The Super Skinny line is a collection of products – including shampoo, conditioner, styling serum, and various balms – that promises to “displace water and constrict hair” for a faster blow dry, while leaving your hair blissfully shiny and frizz-free.

How It Works

If you’re prone to frizzy hair or sick of spending endless hours with the blow drier, you’ve probably heard false promises of perfect hair before. But Paul Mitchell aims to please, and so far, customers haven’t been let down. Reviewers across the web love these products, and the Super Skinny serum won Glamour’s 2011 award for best hair styling product.

These products won’t eliminate the blow drier entirely, but when evenly applied throughout your hair, can cut your styling time in half. Even better, you won’t have to waste time on applying additional anti-frizz products, since Paul Mitchell’s line tames frizz at the same time that it cuts down on blow drying time. For the best results, make sure you apply the products evenly through your hair, from root to tip.

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