Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Spa Specials from Phagans

14 hours of labor. 8,000 diaper changes. Midnight feedings. Daily meals. Cleaning. Schlepping. Dressing. Tucking in. Moms do it all for their kids on top of managing their own work, home, and social lives. No wonder we’re all exhausted.

Barbara Climaldi is the Mom/Owner of Phagans' School of Hair Design.

This Mother’s Day, which is Sunday, May 13, give Mom what she really wants. According to survey after survey, most moms just want a break from the day-to-day challenges of being a mom. This year, let Mom sleep in and then treat her to her #1 choice of gift, pampering at a spa.

As a family-owned and locally operated business managed by the Climaldi Family’s own mom, Phagans knows just what moms need to feel pampered and refreshed. Choose a spa service that your mom will love – hair, nails, facial, makeup – and a location that is convenient for her too.

364 days of the year, moms feel like this. Help mom really enjoy her special day by escaping it all for a mini-vacation at the Phagans spa.

Mother’s Day Gift Certificates: If you buy a $50 gift certificate for your Mom, she will receive $75 worth of services at both Phagans locations.

Mother’s Day Drawing: From now until May 7, any time you receive a service you will be entered to win a free Day of Beauty for Mother and Daughter. It will include a mani/pedi, deluxe facial, hair style, and makeup. The drawing will be held on May 8. You don’t need to be present to win.

Mother’s Day at the Mall: On Saturday, May 5, Phagans will be at the Macy’s Courtyard at Clackamas Town Center. Join us for prizes and samples.

Don’t forget to visit our retail store for great Mother’s Day Gifts.

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2 Responses to Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Spa Specials from Phagans

  1. Natalie says:

    My mom is a hair dresser, so I know she’d like to be one the other side of the chair for a day! Check out my Mother’s Day gift ideas and enter to win them!

  2. Ian Chet says:

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