Phagans Instructors and Staff Recognized for Service

On Sunday, Dec. 16, Phagans held a Christmas party at the Monarch Hotel in Clackamas during which we honored instructors and staff for their service to our schools:

  • Nancy Ripp: 15 years
  • Betty Maddalena: 10 years
  • Marcy Sharpan: 10 years
  • Samantha Borenheim: 5 years
  • Shiela Erickson: 5 years
  • Sue Lidgett: 5 years

Congratulations to you all and thank you for making Phagans such a wonderful place!

Marcy Sharpan, 10 years, and Betty Maddalena, 10 years

Nancy Borenheim, 5 years, with Barbara Climaldi

Sue Lidgett, 5 years

Samantha Borenheim, 5 years, and Sheila Ripp, 15 years

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