Product Spotlight: Ego Boost Split End Mender & Leave-in Conditioner by Bed Head

Bed-Head-Ego-BoostLet’s be honest. There is only one way to eliminate split ends and that is by trimming them off. But if you aren’t ready for a trim and would like to minimize the damaged look that split ends can give your hair, then Bed Head’s Ego Boost Split End Mender & Leave-in Conditioner could be just the product you’ve been looking for.

This high end product is great for conditioning curly and straight hair. It seals and protects the cuticle, giving your hair the appearance of fewer split ends and flyaways. Whether your hair is damaged by brushing, heat, or chemicals, Ego Boost’s light leave-in conditioner will leave your hair feeling soft and silky.

Rub a pump of the conditioner between your hands and massage it into your just-washed hair, starting at the tips of your hair. Do not rinse. Ego Boost makes a great cutting cream if you are a stylist working on a client or a great prep for at-home styling.

Bed Head’s leave-in conditioner will leave frizzy, curly hair looking soft and straight, damaged hair looking smooth. You’ll love the way your hair looks and feels. And during the month of August it’s 20% off. But if you really want to get rid of those split ends for good, make an appointment at Phagans for a trim.

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