Student Spotlight: Sharde-Marie Clark


Sharde-Marie Clark

Why did you enroll in beauty school?

At 19 I watched “Chicago” the musical for the first time on stage, and decided that was what I wanted to do, work on Broadway. The idea of my work being shown on stage for the world to see was my ideal choice of career. I’m a “jack of all trades”, have my degree in English and journalism, as I thought at one point I wanted to be a history teacher! I have done hair and makeup for drag queens and community outreach programs like Nightscare Productions where we raise money and have food drives for the local community.

Why did you choose Phagans?

It was the nicest school and they actually answered my inquiry! I moved here from Spokane to go to school and I love it. I love everything, the students, teachers and the clients, especially my return clients.

In which community event you will be involved with next?

My next community outreach adventure is for the Victory Outreach Church of Portland. I will be donating my time and knowledge to help the youth of the church with hair cuts and after-school tutoring. If I can help someone with a snip of my shears that’s cool! I was one of those kids and that’s why I am so passionate about helping.

What are you planning to do once you graduate?

I graduate in 2015 and plan to be ahead of the game and be established with a theatre company, helping my community in anyway I can. Making actors shine on stage and screen is my dream and goal.

Thanks Sharde, it was a pleasure talking with you, and we wish you every success for the future.

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