An Early Look at Prom Trends for 2015

We’re right at the beginning of prom season. Now’s the time to begin contemplating this year’s prom look, and there’s good news for early birds: start planning your look now, and you may find yourself saving a pretty penny before stores increase prices on prom-related goods. This season’s prom trends are all about mega-glamour in a wearable package.

Your Best Prom Hair Ever


An updo with complex braided accents is a good way to go for a stylish prom look.

This season, two distinct looks compete to win the hearts – and tresses – of prom-goers. On the one hand, distinctly undone locks continue to be everyone’s favorite option for subtle glamour and romance. To get the look, spray your hair with a texturizing or sea salt spray. Then wrap one-inch sections of your hair around a medium-barreled curling iron. Leave the ends off the iron, then finger comb. For understated elegance, leave your hair as is, but for a dressier feel, try embellishing the look with a flower headband or rhinestone hair clip.

Want something a bit more glamorous. This season’s updos are all about edgy geometric looks and complex braids. For a modern take on the classic braid, a side-swept fishtail looks ravishing. Twists, braids, and delightfully undone buns also make this year’s cut. Need some stylistic inspiration? Check out these Pinterest boards for a gorgeous visual guide to this year’s best looks for prom.

Picture-Perfect Makeup

For about a decade, makeup looks have gotten more and more understated, with lipstick going virtually extinct. This year old-school Hollywood glamour makes a dramatically gorgeous comeback. Ditch the nude tones and lip balm in favor of bright, glamorous lips. There’s a red that can work with just about any skin tone. Fair-skinned gals look stunning in blue-reds, while those with olive skin look spectacular in orangey-reds. Darker-skinned women shine in reds with purple undertones, as well as rich grapes. If red’s not your thing, try a bright, rich pink for a youthful and elegant look.

But what about your peepers? Keep the focus on your lips with a simple eye look. Cat-eyed eyeliner looks amazing on everyone. Simply line your top lids with a black or gray pencil, then slightly wing the edges. Dust a light nude shade on your lids, then press a darker hue into your crease for instant eye drama that doesn’t go overboard. And don’t forget about those brows! This season’s brows are darker, fuller, and more noticeably arched, so don’t be afraid to go for a little brow drama.

The Perfect Color Palette

Marsala, a deep, brownish red, is Pantone’s color of the year, so plan on darker hues for this year’s prom wear. Burgundy, red, brown, taupe, and rich grape hues are all in vogue. Want something a bit lighter? Orchid, pastel blue, and deep sea-foam green look ravishing on just about anyone, and are always stylistically on-point.

The Right Outfit

When it comes to prom, you can never go wrong with a floor-sweeping, monochromatic gown. If you prefer a slightly more daring look, though, you’re in luck. This season it’s all about shorter lengths, with unusual cuts and pretty details. Try a short backless dress, or channel your inner glamour-lover with a floor-length, backless gown.

And, of course, you can’t forget about jewelry! Capitalize on this season’s glamour obsession by decking yourself out in pearls or rhinestones. And don’t forget the statement necklace, which is still on everyone’s must-have list for prom. Just make sure that your necklace hits at least an inch about your bustline and an inch and a half above the top of your dress.

No matter what you wear, it’s ow you wear it that matters most, so don’t be afraid to try something a bit different. You don’t have to capitalize on every trend, and trying something a bit different from what your friends do may even help you stand out in photos. Most importantly, though, remember to relax, eat something before the party begins, and have an amazing time!

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