Choose Your Curls: Shed Granny’s Perm for Modern Style

Tired of your super-straight locks keeping you from perfecting today’s style trends like the Wave? Can’t get your hair to hold the look once you’ve achieved it? Frustrated with the damage that hot rollers, blow dryers, and curling irons are doing to your hair? To get the lush wavy look you want, a perm may be the answer.

This is the way your mother got a perm (really).

I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably imagining a row of little old biddies at the corner beauty shop with their short gray hair up in curlers and coated in smelly solution. But perms today have evolved, making them an easy, accessible way to get the stylish look you’re after. Here’s how what’s old is now new again:

Choose your curls: In granny’s day, there was one type of perm – high and tight. The metal, or later plastic, rods came in three sizes – tight, tighter, and tightest – so your options on curl were limited. Today, clients can choose any curly look they like from tight traditional curls to ringlets to soft beachy waves. Think flexible, flirty, and fun.

Less damage: Today’s perm solutions are less damaging to your hair. With lower pH and low ammonia, these perms are much gentler to your hair. You can even use some perms on colored or bleached hair. Just ask your hairdresser which perm is best for your hair type and desired look.

Texturific: Not all styles require ahead full of curls like Mike Brady sported on the Brady Bunch. Today’s perms and styles make way for texture of all types. Does your fine hair just need a little more “tooth” to hold a style or wave? Perming may be just what you need to get the luxe texture you’re looking for and the touchable locks your significant other longs for.

Come in to Phagans Portland Beauty Salons this month and ask your stylist about the perm solution that is right for you and your style. You’ll save 30% in March on all perms at both Phagans locations.

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