Fall 2012 Trends in Mens Hairstyles

When you think Barbershop, what comes to mind? The iconic striped barber pole? A quartet of dapper singers? Andy Griffith shooting the breeze with Floyd? Many people associate barbering with the high and tight, conservative men’s hairstyles of the 1950s.

Luckily today, men have a wider range of choices for their hair and grooming than in decades past. Your style is distinctly personal and only limited by your vision and the creativity of your stylist.

As we move into Fall, several men’s hairstyles are cropping up on runways in New York and Paris. Check out the most popular of these trends below:

Bedhead – The bedhead look is shaggy, slightly unkempt, and distinctly urban. This style has an “undone” look that is similar to the low-volume, finger-styled looks that are trendy for women’s styles. For men, bedhead style works best for hair that is straight or slightly wavy with a little more length. It can work with long hair too. Just remember not to use too much styling product and get a good cut with a lot of movement.

Spikes – Spiked hair comes in all shapes and sizes, from a super punk Mohawk to a short business-appropriate style. Spiky styles give you a slight devil-may-care look of rebelliousness that can work on the job or at play. Haircuts with spikes are generally more structured and require use of gel or styling cream to maintain. While shorter styles are in right now, you can also get the look without cutting all of your hair short. Ask your barber to show you how to style your hair into a faux-hawk to keep the length and get the look.

Retro – Do you feel like going retro? Lots of styles can give you that retro look. Think pompadour a la Chris Isaac. Or that oh-so-sexy side part seen on True Blood’s bad boy vamp Eric Northman. Tell your stylist you want a blast from the past with some modern edge and you’ll be right on trend.

The key to a great hairstyle is a great cut. When you work with your stylist you can select a trendy style that is right for your face, your hair type, and your lifestyle.

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