Your Guide to Glam for the Holidays in 2014

If thoughts of the holiday season call to mind endless stressful shopping sprees and way too much time spent waiting in line, it’s time to revamp your attitude toward the holidays. The holiday season is about endless glamour, a pinch of romance, and a hefty dose of gorgeousness. This season’s key looks blend the dramatic femininity of a bygone era with the effortless, slightly undone fashions of today. Here’s what you need to know to leave passersby doing a double-take this holiday season.

Updo-smLuscious Locks
This fall, hair trends moved toward rich, deep colors, and far away from the pale, understated blonds of a few seasons ago. Auburn, rich red, and espresso were all huge on the runways. Want a hair color change without shaking up your current hue? Try a color gloss, which adds dimensional color to your hair in between salon visits. For even more oomph, consider slightly altering your shade. Blonds can add shades of gold, while redheads look stunning with rich rose gold shades. Blessed with a darker mane? Try adding some subtle highlights to spruce up your look.

Do Up the Updo
This season’s holiday hair is all about the updo. This look, though, has little in common with your mom’s updo. Instead, the goal should be a slightly undone, piecey look. Try wrapping your hair around a curling iron, but leaving the bottom inch undone. Alternatively, pull a few pieces out of your updo and curl them for a whispy, Cinderella-inspired look.

Sparkling Tips
Nail art continues to be big this holiday season, and there’s almost no style that’s too dramatic for the holiday season. Feel free to emblazon your favorite cartoon character, abstract art, or tiny details onto your nails. Even better, several nail companies now make shrink-wrap nail art, which means you don’t have to do it yourself or sit endlessly as a nail technician carefully coats each nail.

Want something a bit more glamorous? This season’s holiday look is all about dark, rich hues of burgundy, black, and purple. Orange is also making a splash, and the most fashion-forward gals are painting their nails burnt sienna or dark tangerine. To add a bit of extra oomph to the look, try a layer of glitter on top, or paint your ring finger a different – and complementary – color from the rest of your hand.

Festive Fashion
If you’re a child of the 1990s, you’ve probably never been alive at a time when velvet was in style. This season, though, velvet is making a big comeback, and this luscious fabric is perfect for holiday soirées. Try pairing a red velvet dress with thigh-high riding boots, or mixing a black velvet skirt with a satin camisole. Texture can take your outfit from casual to dressy lickety-split, so if you’ll be dashing from your office to holiday parties this season, velvet is your new best friend. Just throw on a blazer during the day, and when you’re ready to party, toss your jacket aside.

What if velvet’s not your thing? Sequins were all over the runways for winter, and there’s nothing more classic, not to mention festive, than a sequined little black dress. Pair it with strappy sandals for a glam look, or dress it down with ankle booties. The look is a standout even without accessories. To finish it off, though, channel the 1930s and try art deco earrings, layers of tiny pearls, or a rhinestone brooch.

Holiday fashion is all about adding a bit of glamour to the otherwise drab colors of winter. Don’t be afraid to experiment a bit, and if you don’t like a trend, ditch it; there are so many options this season that even the pickiest of fashionistas is sure to find something she adores.

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