Employee Spotlight

Patty NL

Patty Drexler is a familiar face at our SE campus. She is a Financial Aid Administrator for Phagans SE, and is very much a part of our students academic life by helping them negotiate the task of funding their education. Patty is a champion for their success, and cares about each and every student past and present. Just a couple quick questions so you can learn a little more about Miss Drexler.

How long have you been at Phagans: I have been with Phagans for just over 16 years; 10 years with Phagans Tigard in October and 7 years with Phagans Clackamas in September.

What is your favorite thing about working at Phagans: I enjoy working with a great team that is dedicated to guide our students in their chosen profession.

What do you think makes a successful student at Phagans: Cosmetology is a combination of academics and hands on practical experience. Students who have the passion of the industry are the ones that will succeed. The Cosmetology industry is a fabulous way of life. There are so many opportunities available all over the world!

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